While the company is newly formed in 2021, Moss Mechanical has a ton of experience. Kelly Roberts, Graye Roberts, Case Whitfield, and Garrett Moss all have diverse backgrounds in the construction industry. Each of them brings something unique to the table in their own experience. Our company is unique in our abilities, and our abilities are unique because of our people.

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When Garrett Moss got out of college in 2012, he had no idea what he wanted to do with his new shiny degree from The University of Texas. Fresh out of watching his dad’s company fail during the 2008 financial crisis, Garrett didn’t want to go work in the family line of business. Instead, after a few years of unproductive moving around, Garrett landed a job as a Project Engineer with Crawford Services, a growing HVAC contractor in DFW. Garrett started at the bottom by learning how to perform heat loads on high-end residential projects and complete duct design and CAD work. Graye Roberts was a Project Manager at the time, and Garrett and Graye became close as part of the “War room” group of misfits in the back of the office putting in all of the residential new construction.

After about a year, Garrett got recruited away to go back into utilities. Since his family had been in that business along time, Garrett saw a better opportunity to eventually be an entrepreneur in wet utilities, but had no idea that journey would start less than 4 years later.


Case Whitfield first meets Garrett Moss working together at Tri Dal in Southlake, TX.


Graye Roberts continued his career with Crawford Services, eventually leaving and trying a few other endeavors over years since. One day in 2017, Graye’s wife, Kelly Roberts, came over to join Moss Utilities and became a huge part of the company’s success. Over the years, Garrett, Graye, Case, and Kelly remained close friends and one day got to talking about the future and what everyone wanted for themselves and their families.


Suddenly, it all made perfect sense. Case had fifteen or more years in residential plumbing, new construction and service, for mainly high-end custom homes. Graye had twenty or more years in residential (and commercial) HVAC new construction and service for mainly high-end custom homes. Both of these gentlemen had incredibly experienced careers in both plumbing and HVAC, two trades which are integrally linked on the job site in both commercial and residential, and both had an expertise in high end residential, a small niche market that’s hurting for quality trade partners and people. And to top it off, Kelly has seven years of experience managing a successful HVAC service department.

The foundation for this team started in 2021, and the rest of the story is still unwritten. One thing is for certain, we are building the highest quality team that this market has ever seen, and we won’t accept anything but being the best at what we do. If Case and Garrett have shown anything with their success in Moss Utilities, it’s their ability to build an amazing team full of compassionate, caring, and incredible people all working toward a common goal. We know we can take these skills to Moss Mechanical and deliver the highest levels of workmanship and comfort for our clients.

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